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To learn more about the Fluke Calibration 6270A Modular Pressure Controller/Calibrator Pressure Calibrator, visit www.
Beamex offers a comprehensive range of products and services - from portable calibrators to workstations, calibration accessories, calibration software, industry-specific solutions and professional services.
The Low-Level 81iL calibrator measures low levels of mercury and provides added flexibility to help power plants comply with EPA's Utility Mercury and Air Toxics Standards [MATS).
The Model VC25 is a high quality, easy to use Calibrator that was designed with the user in mind.
The survey data and our experience point to the need for a program to harmonize glucose calibrators and patient results similar to that established for the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program.
Usually, several calibrators are used in series, separated by relatively short air zones (7, 8), where the temperature tends to equalize, to minimize the internal thermal induced stresses and increase the heat transfer efficiency in the next calibrator.
WIKA have introduced their new dry well calibrators, designed for their simplicity of use, short set-up times, enhanced accuracy and large clear readable display.
Available in the second quarter of 2002, Home Value Calibrator can provide quick pre- or postfunding validations prior to closing or purchasing a loan, evaluate a batch of mortgages originated by third parties and review large pools of mortgages.
The ARQ IS Calibrator Panels are the first secondary panels directly calibrated to the first WHO International Genetic Reference Panel for quantification of BCR-ABL1 translocations by RQ-PCR (NIBSC code 09/138) that are made broadly available to the international BCR-ABL1 testing community.
para]]New intrinsically safe calibrator takes simultaneous static and differential pressure measurements in hazardous atmospheres[[/para]]
The new Beamex MC6 Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator is a solution to the new process industry requirements.