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Noncommutability arises when the matrix of a reference material being used as either calibrator or as a proficiency testing (external quality assessment) material is sufficiently different than that of typical patient samples, such that the resulting measurement is not an accurate reflection of the performance expected for patient samples.
The Low-Level 81iL calibrator measures low levels of mercury and provides added flexibility to help power plants comply with EPA's Utility Mercury and Air Toxics Standards [MATS).
Fully compliant with ISO 8041, the Standard for vibration measuring instrumentation, the calibrator checks and ensures the accuracy of vibration measurement before the measurement is taken, setting the standard and so giving complete peace of mind to the user that their measurements are correct.
Country: USASector: ElectronicsTarget: Bios' flow calibrator assetsBuyer: Mesa Laboratories Inc Vendor: Bios International CorporationDeal size in USD: 23.
The XR20-W rotary axis calibrator includes built-in retro-reflectors, with separate alignment targets on the reverse side of the retro-reflector housing.
The Model VC25 is a high quality, easy to use Calibrator that was designed with the user in mind.
SETRA SYSTEMS INTRODUCED THE NEWLY UPDATED Micro-Cal Model 869 and Expert System, Ultra-Low Pressure and Documenting Calibrators.
Pressure measurement is provided by interchangeable pressure modules that attach to the calibrator via a carrier.
The assigned values and uncertainty of specimens derives from (i) the uncertainty in the calibrator sets used to calibrate the IFCC-RM, (ii) the uncertainty due to the measurement error of the reference method, (iii) the number of network laboratories involved in the value assignment, and (iv) the number of assays performed by each network laboratory.
The 5320A Multifunction Electrical Tester Calibrator is designed to simplify calibration processes and improve efficiency by incorporating in a single, easy-to-use instrument the functionality required to calibrate and verify a wide range of electrical test tools.
1, after the first calibrator, where a layer with thickness [delta] has been cooled to a temperature below the solidification temperature ([T.
Q Olympus has recently changed its calibrator configuration to a lypholized material that is not stable enough to fit our situation.