call out

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Typically, call outs for sources are emailed to subscribers and displayed on the SourceBottle site before being circulated via social media sites like Twitter - a highly effective crowdsourcing model that continues to yield impressive results for journalists.
In the Woodhead team we would expect to have an average of 20 or 30 team call outs a year.
The Britannia Rescue survey also exposes why each star sign calls for roadside assistance: u Out of all the star signs, Virgos made the most call outs for locking their keys in the car.
Lot 2 consisting of; key holding, manned guarding, static guards, building patrols, gate house duties, gate locking, special events and responsive alarm call outs.
Over the five year period from 2008 the total number of call outs was 15,345, 7,061 and 3,602 respectively.
30pm, the breakdown company had attended 7,500 call outs nationwide, equating to around 1,500 every hour.
There have been 2,700 call outs to the bariatric - or extremely overweight - in the last five years, brigades' figures reveal.
The total for animal rescues is significantly more than the number of call outs for unforseen human incidents - which stands at 48 last year and 43 the year before.
RAF Chivenor, which covered incidents in South and Mid Wales, was less busy in July to September this year than the previous year, helping 75 people during 108 call outs compared to 117 during 135 call outs in 2009.