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Etymology: From Latin callosus, -a, -um (like a callus), referring to the oviscape with callus-like subapical convexity.
Destruction of myofibrilar proteins in cardiac muscle of Calomys callosus chronically infected whit Trypanosoma cruzi and treated with immunosuppressive agent.
Condition factors were significantly lower in male blue and golden king crabs parasitized by the rhizocephalan Brairosaccus callosus (Hawkes et al.
Occurrence of the rhizocephalan Briarosaccus callosus Boschma in the king crab Paralithodes camtschatica (Tilesius) in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.
The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities of the 95% ethanol extract, benzene fraction and isolated triterpenoids of Strobilanthes callosus were investigated.
Key words: Strobilanthes callosus, triterpenoids, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities
Subsequent studies in Argentina have also demonstrated the circulation of LNV in patients with HPS and in the large vesper mouse Calomys callosus (4,9,13-15).
chacoensis, and Calomys callosus rodents, respectively (13,15,17).
callosus may account for the natural nidality of BHF (5).
1 Calomys callosus 1 Caaguazu, Paraguay Summer 2001 Holochilus 4 brasiliensis C.
callosus in nondisease-endemic regions of Bolivian hemorrhagic fever and coevolving with the virus (17).
callosus were trapped inside dwellings located at different fincas.