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He had built a reputation for succeeding where others failed, and, endowed with fearlessness, callousness, and cunning, he never let his reputation wane.
His heart is seared and contracted by this struggle, the current of life sets toward the brain, and the callousness of the Parisian is the result--the condition of things in which schemes for power and wealth are concealed by the most charming frivolity, and lurk beneath the sentimental transports that take the place of enthusiasm.
A cruel thing happened just before supper, indicative of the callousness and brutishness of these men.
The callousness of these men, to whom industrial organization gave control of the lives of other men, was appalling.
Living the old life, she was horrified at herself, at her utter insurmountable callousness to all her own past, to things, to habits, to the people she had loved, who loved her--to her mother, who was wounded by her indifference, to her kind, tender father, till then dearer than all the world.
The judge on passing sentence commented feelingly upon the depravity and callousness of the young prisoner.
I said to myself: "He puts on the callousness of a stern revolutionist, the insensibility to common emotions of a man devoted to a destructive idea.
Masked Qari Nasrullah is full of bluster as well as callousness, a man without mercy for his own people, let alone British or American forces.
It beggars belief that anyone could act with such callousness towards a vulnerable woman and the unborn infant she is carrying.
As far as I know, no one has accused them of needless callousness.
Due to the negligence and callousness of the police, bootlegging of the most dangerous and notorious drugs has become rampant in public areas, especially in the Union Councils 26 and 27 demoralizing the youth and putting their future on stake.
The forest officials also blamed the callousness of the train drivers for repeated accidents.