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Sokol's first book, however, and his callowness as a writer often shows.
He is thus not so much a corrupter of youth as a preserver of its callowness.
AOC's family feud has ironically highlighted the callowness of Japan's public and private sectors in giving top priority to a leadership struggle in a small world, rather than trying to realize the state strategy, the analysts said.
Grigg does seem to be a version of the ingenuous heroine of the novel, and his sci-fi obsessions mirror Catherine's likeable callowness as she wanders in what Keats would have called the "chambers of maiden thought" (in 1818--the year of the Austen novel's publication) (Keats 90).
The nonelection of 2000, combined with the chosen winner's incurable callowness, left him scrambling for a bit of gravitas.
While the movie has certain qualities that make it worth seeing, the first 30 minutes of adolescent callowness is just as boring as any American teenage movie.