calm down

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Last night also saw the return of singer and former I'm A Celeb favourite Peter Andre, 38, who did his best to calm down the furious contestants.
The Prime Minister, however, pressed on telling them: "I said calm down, calm down dear.
Again they told him to calm down and leave, which he did.
Head teacher Rob Fenton said: "It is somewhere for pupils to go and calm down and then go back into school prepared for learning.
Guy Goodings, for Filby, told magistrates that an argument had broken out between her and a cousin, but was beginning to calm down when police arrived.
David Cameron will learn that women across the country are not going to calm down," she said, adding: "In fact they are getting angrier and angrier, louder and louder and they will continue to do so until this Tory-led government drops their deeply unfair plans that turn the clock back on women's equality.
I think David Cameron will learn that women across the country are not going to calm down.
The 32-year-old said: "It was the League Cup Final at Hampden and after a few minutes the referee was chasing after me and telling me to calm down.
What I have tried to do is just calm down and slow down,'' Johnson said.
I think perhaps she's at that point now - you've got to calm down some time and I'm hoping Jamie is part of that," he added.
Calm down and listen to the doctor" was not worthy of the office of Prime Minister and not worthy of Parliamentary debate.
We just have to get this thing to calm down and see where he is then try to work him back up and see if he can play.