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Your husband remains content to lie low until you've calmed down but you soar higher and higher.
Although RFK at first sided with the hardliners, he calmed down," writes Steel, and with those three words his account veers into RFK's diplomacy that helped the country draw back from nuclear showdown.
That euphoria calmed down a few years after," says study coauthor Nediljko Budisa, "mainly because of many toxic effects of thiaproline for other parts of the body.
Eventually she calmed down enough but we still had to take her home in a taxi.
Stocks calmed down on Wednesday, after registering some monster gains in the previous session.
He's an emotional guy, and after the game when he's calmed down he's all sorry.
But hopefully, I'm keeping it calmed down the best I can.
Only once the situation has calmed down should you carry on with your jour-ney.
In theory, the giant glacial sheets on North America and Europe during the ice age destabilized the climate; once the ice melted, the climate calmed down.