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After walking a little on the road, she had calmed down and had said that she was sorry.
But when my uncle had gone, and the dreadful gray, quiet, rainy evening came, and it had all calmed down again, there was no bearing it.
Mr Verloc calmed down, and, with resolution imprinted on his pale face, had already opened the door, when his wife called him back in a whisper:
But the excitement had calmed down, and they felt themselves obliged to descend from dreams to reality; after having exhausted the ideal, they found they must talk of the actual.
When he had calmed down a little, he begged the prince to relate his adventures.
My mom has always been my inspiration and I think I've calmed down a bit because I've finally achieved that dream of having my family back together,' said Rondina after the Golden Tigresses swept University of the Philippines Lady Maroons, 25-20, 25-21, 25-16, at Mall of Asia Arena.
After his birth, whenever my son was upset or crying, all I had to do was put that music on and he immediately calmed down.
In fact it was the 'Love On Top' singer's mother, Tina Knowles, who needed to be calmed down the most.