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the calumniators would eventually believe they were telling the truth
Perhaps the most interesting 1798 novels published in this entire period, however, are Edward Mangin's Oddities and Outlines (1806) and John Bernard Trotter's Stories for Calumniators (1809).
In a way, these journals may be viewed as ammunition in a son's reprisal campaign against his father's detractors and calumniators, for the most part men of far lesser achievement and ability, a monument to the triumph of a man of words over men of many dubious deeds.
It is appropriate that Your Mercies should neither support them, nor face them; throw them out as calumniators of the true virtue and benefits that we possess today.
She is, as in the average, normal man, more objective, more energetic and goal-oriented than the feminine woman; she thinks and feels like a man; she does not imitate a man; she is conditioned as he; this is the all-decisive point which haters and calumniators of so-called "men-women" always ignore, because they do not even take the time to do basic research on the homosexual.
The opuscolo, edited by Giraldi and currently housed in the Biblioteca Ariostea of Ferrara, is comprised of: 1) Giraldi's letter to Pigna expressing his dismay that the latter had claimed ownership of the ideas expressed in the treatise, 2) an earlier letter in which Pigna had asked Giraldi to write a defense of Ariosto as a shield against his Tuscan calumniators, and 3) Giraldi's initial response to Pigna's request in the form of a letter praising Ariosto.
Lady Morgan: Her Career, Literary and Personal, with a Glimpse of Her Friends, and a Word to Her Calumniators.