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Yu along with his team created an optoelectronic camouflage system which can detect and control surrounding light.
This kind of technology can be used in the military for camouflage in a war zone.
The team is in the hope to fine tune the device to mimic the complex camouflage of the octopus.
ULCANS is a step up from the old LCSS (lightweight camouflage screen system and lightweight camouflage support system).
It's called camouflage, or concealment by blending into an immediate environment.
While many species have displayed camouflage over millions of years, scientists are still puzzling to figure out this complex process of concealment.
Many of these products are available in the popular Trebark and Realtree patterns, or a privately developed vertical pattern that's a spin off from the two patented camouflages.
And, today's camouflage market can be just about as hard to define.
Zebras camouflage by _(_)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ coloration.