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I am only 5ft 8in so I agreed to sleep on the camp bed.
Honestly there are times I think I might as well just buy myself a camp bed and sleep on it and leave my own bed for the other three.
Stacey will sleep on a camp bed beside her daughter for the next two months at the hospital's isolation unit and dad Jonathan will stay in a flat nearby.
As the porter sloped out, ostensibly to find a camp bed, we gazed, still open mouthed, at our expensive home for the next two nights.
Tip toeing INTOTEENWOLFs lair, an act I don't consider unless it's an emergency, to check he was still pink, healthy and breathing he was in a deep, deep sleep with one pal on the camp bed and another on a mound of cushions on the floor.
He then sat on his camp bed and opened his first bottle of Scotch of the day.
Harvey became increasingly upset by the number of flies which found their way into his camp bed.
But as Ferguson spent most of her time in camp barking orders while languishing on her camp bed, what does that make her?
Sleeping bags are warm and cosy and no one goes to bed without lying on a blow-up mattress or camp bed.
Miss Collett is now sleeping on a camp bed at her grandmother's house and has put her home up for sale.
Mr Assange, who has been at the embassy since June 19 and sleeps on a camp bed, plans to make a statement tomorrow via video link.
Stay over at his house, but don't have sex with him - sleep on a camp bed.