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The scandal that drove President Nixon from office was also a campaign finance scandal
Despite lingering frustrations, however, the 2000 Presidential campaign is fundamentally different from its predecessors.
District Judge Joyce Hens Green ruled that most of the Coalition's activities did not run afoul of the campaign statute.
political campaigns--even for complete public financing of campaigns for public office--and for broader disclosure of where campaign contributions originate.
The mayor and council members approved the ballot issue; this gave campaign organizers 3 months to implement a communitywide campaign.
The Kerry campaign was able to build up its war chest during these summer months, but it was the late surge in individual contributions that allowed the DNC and the Kerry campaign to spend an unprecedented amount during the final weeks of the campaign.
Shrum did eventually take some heat publicly during the 2004 campaign when the contrast between his losing record and his high position in the troubled Kerry campaign became too stark to ignore.
A well-executed publicity campaign augmented the public relations impact of the launch.
Adding to this challenge, Environics was working with a theme that received substantial media coverage preceding the campaign.
One great lesson I learned from IC during the campaign is that one has to know what other ideologies are being offered to the public by political parties.

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