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The dim academic view of negative campaigning was reflected in an influential 1999 Political Science Review study by Arizona State University political scientists Patrick J.
He, too, had nothing to gain from campaigning in Georgia, and he only stopped there briefly for part of a day.
In the short run, those who stand to gain the most by doing battle in the new arena are those who find themselves marginalized by the economic realities of traditional campaigning.
These ads attack that conception of party in a number of ways: Because they are increasingly the sole way of campaigning, meaning that all a potential candidate needs is money and a media advisor, the party increasingly has no role in either candidate development or in office-holder discipline for program.
I've been going out campaigning, not saying anything personal about supporters of 209,'' Morrison said.
The tortured illogic of campaigning for reform with special-interest money was quickly seized upon by 208's spinmasters, but their glee was short-lived.
But some critics question whether the district may be crossing a thin line between providing balanced information about the local bond measure - allowable under state law - and campaigning.