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area campers, whether it's the RV camping at Simi Valley's Oak Park, left, or the efforts of campers such as Alex Gomez, above, staking out his spot at Leo Carrillo State Beach.
Last year, the 44-year-old educator sent her daughter to Camp Atwater because, "I wanted her to have a black camping experience.
American Camping Association, 5000 State Road North, Martinsville, IN 46151-7902/(800) 428-2267 (bookstore phone number).
Our camp staff prepares for the accreditation with little fanfare every three years," said Bob Polland, director of camping services.
Originally published in the 2006 July/August issue of Camping Magazine.
It is unusual that parents have so many camping choices in June," said Andrew Townsend, president of the Northern California Section of the ACA.
These events were the International Camping Congress in Mexico City (organized by International Camping Fellowship, hosted by Mexican Camping Association) in October, 2005, and the Student Camp Leadership Academy, a pilot program offered by American Camp Association (ACA) in Illinois in November, 2005.
There is a specialty for every specialty," said Bob Schultz of the American Camping Association, an 86-year-old organization that accredits youth camps for health, safety and program quality.
Keep yourself challenged and interested by taking on new projects, developing new programs, helping with the standards review, and setting yearly professional development goals--you might become a Standards Visitor, present a topic at a local or national conference, write an article for Camping Magazine or CAMP or become a board member for a local camp or even your local ACA office.
In order to be more effective, camping administrators need to know what factors are motivating parents to send their children to summer camp, what benefits are most important to them, and what do they see as the future priorities of summer camping.
Selection of a butterfly as the logo for the 1987 International Camping Congress, hosted by the American Camp Association, was farsighted and fortuitous in many ways.