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But, what I can't abide by is the distinct lack of squad progression and tactical development that we've seen other teams go through.
It's the patronising, po-facedness of it thatI can't abide.
She said: "I can't abide this blame game directed towards older people - it makes me so cross.
While the lights are only included on the top pair of the four trim grades, the i-Cockpit features on every car and is a breath of fresh air for drivers who can't abide clutter.
Despite being presented with a crowd of incarnations of the multifunctional egg in recent months, I simply can't abide them.
But we just can't abide a keyhole top - never have.
I can't abide a spectacle that degrades women and threatens to undermine the progress of women in sport in Australia," she added( ANI )
But I can't abide being a member of any organisation, never mind one purporting to represent the interests of fans, campaigning for the reintroduction of standing areas to our senior football grounds.
I can't abide people like that, I don't know why he wants to take on the world every week.
As someone who can't abide football the thought is dreadful.
Are we really so hyperpolitically correct that we can't abide a Christian minister who expresses his views on matters of faith?
This may shock those readers to whom in the past I have confided that I can't abide pub quizzes.