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The sealing of root canal obturation with EndorezA is sensitive to the last irrigation solution used.
The main reasons for endodontic failure are apical percolation and the presence of microorganisms caused by incomplete instrumentation, inadequate cleaning, insufficient canal obturation, and the presence of untreated canals.
The quality of root canal preparation and root canal obturation in canals treated with rotary versus self-adjusting files: a threedimensional micro-computed tomographic study.
Root canal obturation of SAF-prepared root canals may be done by any of the common methods
Gutta percha was used for root canal obturation with the 11 being root filled to the fracture line.
Coronal and apical leakage analysis of two different root canal obturation systems.
Tetracycline gutta percha has also been advocated to be used as a final obturating material, as an alternative to regular/traditional gutta percha for root canal obturation.