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Staff work to ensure patients are informed immediately of a cancelled operation.
Multiple trains have either been delayed or cancelled in the past one week due to low visibility and other operational reasons.
Campaign group #HandsOffHRI, which is fighting the planned closure of Huddersfield's A&E, said it was worrying that there were potentially large numbers of cancelled operations going unrecorded.
Al Ittihad newspaper reported that Etihad Airways has cancelled its two flights to Istanbul on Wednesday.
The airline tweeted, On all Wednesdays WY655/6 Muscat- Bahrain- Muscat stands cancelled and will be combined with WY663/4 to operate Muscat-Doha-Bahrain-Muscat.
Dar-Es-Salaam --Zanzibar-Muscat flights on all Thursdays, between May 9 and 31, have also been cancelled.
It is totally unacceptable that more than 174,000 operations over the last two-and-a-half years have been cancelled.
All the NGOs were given proper notice by the Foreigners' Division of the Home Ministry with adequate time to reply before their FCRA licences were cancelled,official sources said.
Figures released by the Labour Party for July to September of this year show local hospitals cancelled operations as many as 576 times at the last minute for non-clinical reasons.
In total, the statistics show that across the 12 NHS foundation trusts in the region, 208 operations were cancelled in the period from November 4 to November 13 this year.
Turkish Airlines (THY) cancelled all flights between Turkey and the cities of New York and Washington on Tuesday, which included two ystanbul-New York flights, one New York-ystanbul flight, and a flight from Washington to ystanbul.
Emirates cancelled four flights yesterday between Dubai and London Heathrow, and Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways cancelled two flights each.