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All the NGOs were given proper notice by the Foreigners' Division of the Home Ministry with adequate time to reply before their FCRA licences were cancelled,official sources said.
Figures released by the Labour Party for July to September of this year show local hospitals cancelled operations as many as 576 times at the last minute for non-clinical reasons.
But of these operations none were deemed urgent and all cancelled operations at North NHS foundation trusts fell into the elective operations category.
US Airways, meanwhile, cancelled its ystanbul-New York flight on Tuesday, while thousands of Turkey-bound passengers are likely to find their connecting flights between European destinations and America's East Coast cancelled.
Flights EK29 and EK05 -- scheduled to depart Dubai at 09:40 and 16:30 respectively -- and the return flights EK30 and EK06, due to depart London Heathrow at 16:35 and 22:00 on the same day, have been cancelled," it stated.
The figures also revealed that each year around 3,000 tickets are cancelled after "representations" from disgruntled motorists are accepted by the authority.
There were nearly 1,000 cancelled appointments for non-clinical reasons last year and every cancelled operation must put patient healthcare at risk.
According to the statistics, 77,302 operations in total were cancelled for non-clinical reasons.
Overall statistics showed that 77,302 operations in total were cancelled for non-clinical reasons.
Travellers struggling to get home for Christmas faced another day of chaos on Friday, with some 350 flights cancelled at London's Heathrow Airport for a second day due to a thick blanket of fog.
Separate yet aggregate: The court added that although Capital must prove that each of the cancelled contracts had some individual value, it does not lose its deduction if it fails to convince the court of each contract's exact separate value; the court may accept an aggregate deduction.
The first one is easy: If the client has the cancelled check, then send the FTB a copy of the cancelled check, a copy of the FTB notice and a memo saying, "Here's a copy of the cancelled check; please correct your records accordingly.