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While the Scottish Government actively encourages reporting of the small number of significant adverse events in the NHS, introducing a statutory duty of candour will require services to make sure that they are open on every occasion.
The Scottish Government strongly supports duty of candour and believes that all health and social care staff must be honest and transparent in everything that they do in order to best serve and protect those who rely on their services.
She said the duty of candour "cannot just apply to the trust boards and the executive levels".
On duty of candour, the document says: "We heard through the listening exercise the suggestion that we could strengthen transparency of organisations and increase patient confidence by introducing a 'duty of candour': a new contractual requirement on providers to be open and transparent in admitting mistakes.
The effect of the applicant's candour about past conduct on the assessment of the applicant's character will then be examined.
In considering cases in which candour has played a significant role in determining whether an applicant is successfully admitted to the legal profession, the issue arises whether the emphasis on candour has overshadowed the assessment of the applicant's character by reference to past misconduct.
The critical role played by candour in disclosing past conduct was emphasised by the High Court in Re Davis} (10) Although that decision was concerned with the removal of the appellant's name from the roll of barristers after admission, it was the appellant's lack of candour about past conduct for the purpose of his admission that was the basis of the decision.
In addition to Candour Communications in India, Oriella added Buman Media in Russia and EASTWEST PR in China earlier this year.
We spent a lot of time getting to know both Blackie McDonald and Candour by working with each of them on a few joint initiatives during the past year.
The duty of candour would make it a requirement for any healthcare organisation in Wales to take steps to ensure patients or, where appropriate, their next of kin are fully informed about patient safety incidents which have caused or may result in harm to the patient.
AvMA said English Health Minister Ann Keen is considering a similar proposal to introduce a duty of candour in the regulations for the Care Quality Commission.