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McConnell, who wrote his senior thesis at the University of Louisville on the Compromise of 1850, knows that this was achieved by the canniness of Stephen A.
Its success is largely a result of its best-in-class customer experience, canniness in identifying the areas with the most opportunities, and strategizing to expand its operations across geographies.
Stating that England needs to surround Swann by cotton wool before the Ashes, the report said that even Monty Panesar, a potential replacement should Swann be injured, is far less effective than Swann against left-handers, four of which are in the Australia top-six, adding that he has never possessed anything of Swann's innate canniness.
Canniness definitely contains its own antigens or enemies or disavowed shades or antitheses or opposites or contraries or reflections or whatever other metaphor you want to use, of which monsters are the most endlessly proliferative delight and example.
Synonyms for cynicism clarify this condition: disillusionment, jadedness; canniness, as opposed to credulity; realism, as opposed to romanticism.
While the author--whose canniness with marketing and self-promotion certainly helps to explain her books' remarkable popular success--has done little to dispel such connections, her work should also be understood as a feminist response to the pop fiction of J.
The joke cycles, or themes, examined are: jokes about stupidity and canniness, libidinous blondes and French people, Jewish people, men's sexuality, American lawyers, and the Soviet Union.
But while such disparities in spending highlight the challenge Moyes is up against, the respective transfer again reinforce the canniness he possesses.
Two days short of his 18th birthday, O'Brien judged his front-running ride on Roderic O'Connor with a veteran's canniness to register the first fatherson Classic triumph in Ireland for 50 years.
When Gant Broderick, a former gang and love rival, returns after 25 years and begins luring his lieutenants and inciting the natives, Hartnett must invoke enough vicious canniness to maintain his hold.
Carmody Groarke's canniness has been to create a pavilion that accentuates the inherent contradictions in the project's complexion, while appearing to straddle wider divisions, embracing its status and rejecting it at the same time.
If "repression" is the term for the psychic reality of Fokir's canniness, then "surmounting" would be the erasure and rejection of such an indigenous canny in the discourses--the cultural unconscious--of the postcolonial nation.