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In reply I had five of the feluccas cannonade them.
Then as now, they found Syrian politics a boiling cauldron of factional-ethnic strife, which they tried to simplify with cannonades and gunpowder.
The rattle of musketry, thunderous cannonades, and hell-or-glory cavalry charges are all distinctly absent from these pages.
One of her indignant cannonades nearly killed the Emperor, who was riding round the walls with a Prince of Brandenburg to inspect the fortifications, and came too close.
The last train carrying foreign officials was pulling out of Warsaw's main station, Soviet cannonades could be heard in the suburbs, but Ratti--who had sent out his archives with the English ambassador--continued to let himself be seen.
They also recognized the finely calibrated emotional sensitivity Alessandro Camon and Oren Moverman graced "The Messenger" with, the bracing Jewish nihilism the Coen brothers infused into "A Serious Man" and the nonstop cannonades of language, laughs and contempt all those British satirists brought to bear on "In the Loop.
But three years after the fall of the Berlin wall the cannonades of old-new Europe followed: First in 1992, when the European Community voted for the Lisbon declaration, which demanded that the word Macedonia is deleted from our name.
Creationists have a quiver full of misleading quotes, soaring oratorical rockets, and cannonades of pseudofacts, outlandish promises, and dreadful threats.
Leading the secret mission was Captain John Deserontyon, a youthful veteran of the British army near whom the clap of cannonades and gunfire could be heard from a very young age; fittingly, Deserontyon's Mohawk name of Odeserundiye, which translated into the phrase 'where thunder was.
Though he failed to sack the capital, seven years later his son, King Hsinbyushin, laid siege once more from the far shores using cannonades and fire-boats.