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Canny had indicated he intended to transform the remote cottage into a modern family home.
Southland has a sustainable business strategy and a regional energy strategy that places a high priority on renewables and energy efficiency, said Canny, The partnership would tie in well with the region s strong processing and manufacturing base and with work relating to dairy sector efficiency.
This last round of equity marks a powerful vote of confidence by THINK's investors at a time when world capital markets are under great stress," Canny said.
Meanwhile, we are becoming more canny about the way we pay for these services.
The odds were slashed in an effort to hedge the bets that piled on from canny gamblers on Wednesday evening.
Longford," a film premiering on HBO tonight, merits attention on the strength of its talent alone: It stars Oscar winner Jim Broadbent as Longford; Lindsay Duncan as his wife, Elizabeth; and Samantha Morton as the canny Myra.
Fr Michael Canny, Administrator of St Eugene's Cathedral, added he would even be prepared to put his money where his mouth is.
Steve Bruce was never a shrinking violet on the football field and has since proven himself to be canny and reliable as a manager.
Yet Einarsson's reputation as a playful political ironist, cemented by canny contributions to a string of recent group exhibitions, including "Greater New York 2005" at P.
The move is a canny way to prevent Shiite voters from having to pick between candidates at the polls.
Those who know Isherwood only as the creator of Sally Bowles will be surprised to discover the canny observer of Berlin, the randy L.
The impression left by the videotaped message was that bin Laden, far from being "marginalized," as President Bush insisted in early 2002, is healthy, well-informed, secure, canny, and more dangerous than ever.