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Such ignorance suppressed the study of Canonization and the study of the novel's ecological system--religion and ritual.
Tagle reminded the prelates their "great responsibility" in the cause of Willman's beatification and canonization as well as the "importance and seriousness" of their tasks.
His healing after prayers for the intercession of Blessed Teresa was submitted as the miracle needed for her canonization.
This," he continued, "earned them the privilege of canonization.
I am not opposed to the canonization if it can truly and decisively be proven that the Pope didn't know,'' he said.
The canonization ceremony will be attended by heads of state and prime ministers from all over the world.
During the Middle Ages, popes began claiming canonization was a power of their office alone.
According to the Guardian, the earlier date was expected to be of July, but Pope Francis approved a second miracle attributed to John Paul, clearing the path for the fastest canonization in the modern times.
So I said to Kateri, "I would like to be at your canonization but I can't afford it.
Historians of science have often looked to the authentication of miracles at canonization trials as a way to investigate the ways in which religious and scientific understandings of the natural and the miraculous came together and, sometimes, into conflict.
Hundreds of worshippers packed the golden-domed Alexander Nevski cathedral in Sofia for the canonization of the victims of the bloody crushing of an 1876 uprising against Bulgaria s Ottoman rule.
Francis Xavier, died in 1927 and his canonization process began 20 years later.