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Despite their impact on popular Catholicism over the centuries, the pool from which formally canonized saints have been drawn has until recently been quite small.
In March the Vatican declared Day a "Servant of God" and gave a green light to the process by which Dorothy Day, a founder of the Catholic Worker movement, may be canonized as a Roman Catholic saint.
This mileu has escaped historians' attention, since it emerged independently of, at times in opposition to, the state and the official practitioners of science who, Daum argues, have become canonized as the basis for "too narrow a definition of the mediators," thus obscuring significant "peculiarities in the history of popularization after 1848" (p.
She was later celebrated as a hero and canonized as Saint Joan of Arc.
by whose status she will be defined" and for whom, therefore, self is defined through relationships) yet canonized the "male" process of individuation as the norm, disregarding values rooted in female experience.
Juan Diego became the first indigenous American saint in the Catholic Church when Pope John Paul II canonized him in 2002.
Asked how John XXIII, elected in 1958, could be canonized without a second miracle, the Vatican spokesman insisted that many theologians believe that a second miracle isn't required.
He hoped Pat and Patty would be the first modern married couple to be canonized.
The New York native is attributed with one miracle but needs another before she can be canonized, a Vatican-based process that determines sainthood.
CANONIZED FOUNDER OF EARTHWORKS, film-maker, respected antiformalist theorist, "preconscious" religious visionary, homoerotic draftsman, and Beat poet (not to mention posthumous market-driven photographer)--these Robert Smithsons have proliferated since the artist aligned himself with the new entropic monuments later designated as Minimal art.
POPE JOHN PAUL II HAS canonized Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer, the Spanish Roman Catholic priest and founder of the Opus Dei movement.