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In John Paul's 26 years in office, he canonized 482 saints, almost 250 of whom were laypeople.
Tsai, Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind Krauss, Ann Reynolds, and I are overstating the case when we position Smithson as mordantly opposed to canonized, formalist modernism.
Katharine Drexel when she is canonized by Pope John Paul II on Sunday, October 1, 2000, at St.
If she is eventually canonized, Antonietta Meo would become the youngest nonmartyr saint to be recognized under modern saint-making procedures.
This book has a novel approach to saints' lives, an approach which teaches an important truth: God forgives the repentant person, indeed so much that they can not only gain heaven but can also gain the glory and pre-eminence of beatified or canonized saints.
The theologians, led by Italian Giulio Girardi, listed seven reasons why John Paul II should not be canonized, including, among others, his refusal to allow a more open discussion of both sexual ethics and the role of women in the church, his "repression" of liberation theology, and his unwillingness to permit a more democratic structure in the church.
Inspired by Bacon's obsessions with various old masters, "Francis Bacon and the Tradition of Art," curated by Barbara Steffen, fitted in startlingly well with the canonized collection of the KHM, into which the artist was nearly seamlessly integrated.
More than a year after capturing the Best Musical Tony award for 2000, ``Contact'' is finally here, and if the touring production that arrived at the Ahmanson on Sunday isn't quite equal to the show's hype (the New York press has all but canonized Stroman), it's still more than a little bit magical.
This grammatical mistake had existential import, since Augustine canonized this misreading as the prime precept of his monastic Rule, which many religious orders not only read but lived.
Charles Lwanga was canonized in 1964, with his companions; he is the patron of black African youth and an inspiration for all those battling the homosexual lifestyle.
25) relates Le Monde religious commentator Henri Tincq's speculation that because Abbe Pierre, the beloved French Catholic icon, confessed he committed "sins of the flesh" in his youth, it would bar Abbe Pierre from being canonized.
These are all things that could be said of the photograph too, though not of beautiful photography, not of canonized photography, and not of main stream "documentary" photography either.