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Away from work, Cant had been courageously battling Parkinson's disease since 1999.
Subjects determined to have an occlusal plane cant were eliminated from the study.
The canting knife acts in orthogonal cutting and is responsible for generating the flat surface of the cant.
The Independent Police Com-plaintCommission said Cant was on bail whilst detectives investigated allegations of assault and that he had made death threats.
While black suits are ideal for the corporate world, but according to Cant, shift dresses can be more trendy.
Pauline von Cant is the rightful heiress, according to the loyalists, but Lucy Wickwright is the rightful heiress according to the rebels.
The fact that the work on Travellers' cant is co-written by Traveller William Cauley, and transcribed and edited by O hAodha, is an indication of the authenticity of the source.
Ann Cant has been appointed chief executive with South West Durham Training (SWDT), the company she joined on a three-month temporary contract seven years ago.
Er mwyn gallu gwerthu gwasanaethau ariannol modern yn y byd sydd ohoni a chynnal ei marchnad yn ei bro, amcangyfrifodd y Principality y dylai gynyddu ei werthiannau morgais 100 y cant, ei gwerthiannau yswiriant bywyd morgais o 40 y cant a gwerthiannau yswiriant cartref o 15 y cant.
The adored daughter of and heir to the fortune of the late Lord Cant has been kidnapped by her half-sister Lucy Wickwright, deemed a rebel, in this sequel to the Chewing Gum Rebellion story SECRET OF CASTLE CANT--at least, that's what the bulletin proclaims.
Cant hook: "A wooden lever having a movable iron hook near the end, and often a lipped iron ring round the tip.
A more subtle form of chipping and burring may occur from inadequate metal alloy, overly acute grind angles, excessive cant (shear) angles, and severe lateral vibration.