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Daringly, the western ward wing is carried not on the normal vertical pilotis but on V-shaped columns canted In different directions on the two sides.
Canted Vane Wheels--A canted vane wheel consists of a centrifugal wheel wherein the eight vanes are alternately canted forward and backward approximately 3-6 [degrees].
Originally developed as an energizer for seals made from PTFE and other polymers, the Bal Seal Canted Coil Spring[R] has been used as a stand-alone connecting and conducting component in power and signal management applications for nearly a decade.
The larger chamber is luxuriously furnished with finely panelled sides canted for acoustic performance: the smaller is lined in a paler pine and has double banks of interpreter booths.
announced today that it will partner with local distributor ETIC to bring its Canted Coil Spring[TM] electrical contact to an audience of engineers and industry professionals at the 8(th) International Exhibition on Electrical Power Equipment and Technology.