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While not dwelling on a lot of geometric technicality, I'll elaborate on the harmful effects of canting a riflescope as we shoot and show how to make proper corrections.
Evaluation was done for clinically evident upper lip canting.
The simulation (SolidWorks, Waltham, Massachusetts) of the cutter head machining a 150-cm-diameter log showed that the nominal rake angle was 54[degrees] for the canting knife and 49[degrees] for the chipping knife.
The baffling language of the criminal underworld wove webs of deception around numerous victims, and The Canting Academy followed a tradition of books designed to warn the innocent city dweller against rogues, vagabonds, and pickpockets.
Alfa Romeo has now completed more than 6,500 nautical miles in a wide variety of weather and sailing conditions, including three Tasman crossings, the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race, close quarters racing in Sydney and Hamilton Island and all without a single failure of the canting keel.
Ingenious use of bays and canted windows allows slanting prospects down the length of the terraces: canting the terraces to each other and the quayside helps to achieve views from the inland part of the site.