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Influences of knife clamp (Hernandez and Quirion 1993), cutting width and cutting height on chip quality (Hernandez and Lessard 1997), and cant surface quality (Hernandez et al.
The longer knife (chipping knife) severs a slice of wood from the log, and the shorter knife (canting knife) smoothes the surface of the cant.
3125-inch sawkerf), the two-sided cants were processed through a gang resaw (0.
The proportional volume of cants decreased as log diameter increased.
Curve sawing is a sawing process that incorporates gang-saw technology to allow logs or two-sided cants with sweep to be cut along the natural line of curvature.
The purpose of this study was to compare lumber, cant, and pallet part yield from both straight sawing and curve sawing two-sided, 6- and 8-inch-thick cants from small-diameter hardwood sawlogs with sweep.
Two bundles of approximately 2,000 board feet (BF) of cants were graded at each mill study location.
Hardwood cants were graded by determining both the presence and extent of internal or volumetric defects such as heart rot, decay, wane, insect holes, shake, and splits.
A similar ultrasound system could be possible to grade, sort, and cull pallet cants.
A crew of four people, working in groups of two, randomly selected and measured individual cants as they came off the green chain.
The number of boards obtained from the cants varied according to the diameter of the pile sections.
The pile sections and octagonal cants obtained from selected sections were laid on the ground and tested in the longitudinal direction.