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12 A Level 1 canvass requires interviews with all residents in the vicinity of the last known location, along with an effort to obtain lawful consent from the residents of the homes, to search the front and back yards of nearby houses, as well as abandoned buildings and other publicly accessible areas.
The cab consists of steel frame work and a canvass cover, which goes over the frame and snaps on tight.
By law, local authorities are required to carry out an annual canvass once a year to ensure the electoral registers are accurate and up to date.
Marcos argued that 13 days before the Election Day, Comelec issued a resolution ordering the Board of Canvassers not to transmit the Certificate of Canvass until all SD cards from the vote-counting machines would have been uploaded or imported into their Consolidation and Canvassing System.
Following the runoff election, the county has 10 days to canvass the results and the governor's office has 14.
If they come back today (Friday) and canvass again at the same time I will feel very, very upset.
The canvass, run by the borough council's elections office, is to be launched on August 13.
The circuit court wrote "for the ordinance's 'additional information' requirement to be constitutional, Jehovah's Witnesses need only 'note on the application that [they] seek to canvass as part of the Jehovah's Witness:" And, the village agreed that instead of the organization having to list each residence it intended to canvass, (which the courts called "onerous") the mayor's office would provide a list of "willing Village residents.
Understandably, then, competition gets intense within the canvass crew.
Volunteers will canvass neighborhoods to turnout voters in support of labor-backed candidates in key races including the Lou Correa and Lynn Daucher race for State Senate, 34th District.
But we have seen during the canvassing that the certificates of canvass and election returns were clean and had no defects.