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The Surface Mobility Division provides reach-back capability to leverage national partner capabilities and maintains operational awareness of inter-and intra-theater surface mobility infrastructure within the area of responsibility.
For us in the Air Force, it's our EMEDS (Expeditionary Medical System)--our modular medical capabilities, and our aeroevac--our ability to move stabilized patients.
Additionally, senior Navy leadership's need for new, relevant capabilities in support of maritime domain awareness and the global war on terror provided great momentum for our efforts.
In addition to consequence management, DOD provides crisis response capabilities.
Such capabilities can easily be fitted within a 3U Enclosure form factor.
We build the relationships that insure regional stability and access and work with partner air forces to meet requirements with the appropriate capabilities to assure their national security, bolster regional stability, and contribute to the security of the United States.
A company can draw on managed-services programs for capabilities it needs, tapping an outside contractor to take over an in-house function, or it can partner with other companies to create a mutual capability.
We welcome increased industry and community participation in using the DCL technical capabilities document to define future Linux technical requirements.
Although most long-term care vendors' products do not include electronic medical records (EMRs) and do not provide for computerized physician order entry (CPOE)--the current gold standard of medical error reduction--related new functional capabilities do exist.
Sifting through the range of packages and performance capabilities available can be challenging.
Large-size capabilities include duplicators, NC mills, deep-hole drills, EDM machines to 60 x 120 in.
01 commands, has the same characteristics earlier Lotus versions have and offers an impressive array of new capabilities.