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But we have that same capability on alert in Europe (in USAFE) and also in WESTPAC--we are able to respond to whatever contingencies that might arise.
Based on our experience with AIS, an addendum to this risk is as follows: a fundamental risk within the rapid deployment capability process is rapid requirements creep within a given execution year in which scarce resources were pulled together at the eleventh hour for the RDC in the first place.
ASI also provides a rich set of capabilities as it additionally supports full fabric capability with advanced traffic management support.
Rudy Puryear is a Chicago-based director of Bain & Company and co-leader of its Capability Sourcing practice.
Higher process capability is inherent in all-electric machine design.
It refers to integrated and network-enabled systems that put the capability of airpower in the hands of a single soldier.
Capability milestones allow the PM to express the overall capability improvement and value-added from each of the individual activities within a system.
There is a demonstrated capability by our operations, particularly in Pakistan, to leverage commercial capabilities in a responsive support with a minimal military footprint.
To address this need, the Hummingbird EIP offers a unified search capability across all the types of information it integratcs; it can even submit the search to external sites (like Yahoo) and include these results in the search summary returned.
The program analyzes tolerance capability from two points of view.
Process capability can be used as a measure of the ability to meet an internal shop specification or as a measure of the ability to meet an external customer specification.

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