capable of growth

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In the wake of global market uncertainties, Malaysia reiterates that its economy is resilient and capable of growth despite the current climate, and is expected to continue its expansion at a rate of between 4.
The objective of this project is to:- Provide SMEs benefiting from the SME instrument with a regional support ( Key Account Manager , hereafter KAM)- Provide a selection of SMEs that are capable of growth and successful internationalisation with an evaluation of their innovation capacities, and an action plan to address identified bottlenecks.
Appropriate expressions for each category of control were developed in terms of the concentration of spores capable of growth per unit of product.
The two approaches, as clear as they are, depend almost completely on information technology, which has contributed to laying down the foundations of an informed society capable of growth and progress.
rhizogenese were isolated, the results showed isolates all were: Gram-negative, catalase-positive, capable of growth on YMB medium containing 3% NaCl, were capable of absorbing Congo red in medium with this test R.
The first quarter GDP data at least suggest that the economy is capable of growth in 2013, in contrast to the eurozone.
NYSE: GME) in recent weeks but both appear capable of growth this year.
These tortoises are capable of growth throughout their life, if conditions permit, and can live to be 150 years or older.
But Hardaway proves that athletes are capable of growth, and perhaps more exposure to worthwhile groups that promote tolerance might be useful for all of us.
longum that were conserved (showed little or no variation) across all strains capable of growth on HMOs and have also diverged in strains incapable of growing on HMOs.
albertii is capable of growth in poultry at refrigeration temperatures, and, as expected, in poultry stored at abusive temperatures.
That will be to keep improving retail, which throws off cash and is still capable of growth.