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And all recent editions of the Army JAG School's Operational Law Handbook--2006, 2007, and 2008--give the following capaciously liberal account of economic objects that qualify as military objectives: (1) power; (2) industry (war-supporting manufacturing/export/import); (3) transportation.
This lyric will be consequential, opening with a grand gerundive phrase and claiming a capaciously exemplary being, the being of these days, along with a Blakean poetic authority--for these are poetical feet as well as the measured tramp of patriarchal possession.
12) And these rights are capaciously conceived, encompassing Isaiah Berlin's notion of negative and positive liberty, and include freedom from violence and loss of dignity on the one hand and access to education and medical care on the other.
Instead she capaciously reconceptualizes the category of religion.
It would be easy to calculate all this as a form of muting, but what the actors insist is that voice be construed more capaciously, taking into account the work of their bodies and acts, their presence on set as opposed to other Asian actors, and their ongoing speaking selves in interviews and press appearances long after the moment of shooting.
This is to say, capaciously promiscuous guarantees the parameters of which will eventually be determined not by those whose lives hang in the balance, but by federal judges.
Their homes are larger, better equipped with plumbing and kitchen facilities, and more capaciously furnished with modern conveniences.
Luperini's volume has the merit of offering insight into the Italian literary and political scene, and gives its readers the opportunity to ponder complex theoretical issues within a capaciously comparative framework of analysis.
To the extent that, without denying the fact of human sexual differentiations, gender is exposed as "a field of social power with which people establish relationships of great complexity" for a range of different ends, Catholic advocates for work-family justice will be in a better position to address critically, but capaciously, this persistent ingredient in economic policies and practices.
And so to bring this down to the motivations of my own abstract--to understand and theorise regional cooperation, 'regional' capaciously interpreted, and ethics, ethics as in the ethics of globalisation--I remind you of the Muslim belief that the "final and most basic analysis" (115) must (116) be the Quran.
Yet the subject positions within such triangulated desire must be read as capaciously as possible so this schema does not begin to prescribe stable subjectivities where none exist.
The book presents its schools of criticism fairly if not capaciously.