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CAPERS. Vessels of war owned by private persons, and different from ordinary privateers (q.v.) only in size, being smaller. Bea. Lex. Mer. 230.

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You will ask why did I worry myself with such antics: answer, because it was very dull to sit with one's hands folded, and so one began cutting capers.
She-wee-she, for the greater part of the time, trudged on foot over the snow, keeping himself warm by hard exercise, and all kinds of crazy capers.
This Buulaoo did not hear, for he was already legging it up the village street to where his hideous sire guzzled native beer, and watched the evolutions of the frantic dancers leaping high in the air and cavorting wildly in their hysterical capers.
The more Critter Caper events a detective completes, the larger his or her collection grows.
Caper features main characters Reese and Caleb, who both have distinct and enjoyable personalities.
This randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study is the first controlled human study to assess the anti-hyperglycaemic effects of caper fruit extract in type 2 diabetic patients.
The Caper and Scout are of full-tang construction and feature top-shelf S30V stainless steel for the cutting chores.
To tie this version of The Great Color Caper to the Harley-Davidson Museum, Blinky rides a motorcycle, of course, and scientists from Harley-Davidson and PPG's Oak Creek plant provide video briefings with clues and tips," said Tamela Greene, manager, business development, Harley-Davidson Museum.
In Biblical times, the caper berry was apparently supposed to have aphrodisiac properties; [65] the Hebrew word abiyyonah for caper berry is closely linked to the Hebrew root, meaning "desire" [66].
I'll never be up early enough for caper farming but I wonder exactly how late at night you can pick them.
Heist films come in two flavors: films noirs like The Asphalt Jungle and Dog Day Afternoon in which the well-laid plans of a crew of thieves unravel and implode, and cunning capers like To Catch a Thief and The Thomas Crown Affair in which a clever thief outwits both the cops and the audience.
Ladbrokes also top the market at 4-1 with Karen's Caper, who won the Nell Gwyn Stakes at Newmarket earlier in the month on what was her first turf start after two previous outings on the allweather.