capital murder

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Both capital murder counts stem from the October 14 killing of FBI analyst Linda Franklin in Virginia.
It was uncertain whether Yates would face the death penalty when she first appeared to answer the two capital murder charges.
Her incompetent and unethical attorney was later imprisoned for soliciting a bribe to fix another capital murder case.
Rather, it is the result of my deliberative thought process from having presided over three death-penalty trials as a trial court judge and having decided countless issues related to capital murder and the death penalty as a judge on this court.
Sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad was indicted yesterday on capital murder and five other charges over two shootings in Virginia.
She wept as she learned that Danny O'Toole, who had been accused of capital murder, will now have to be retried after the jury failed to reach a majority verdict.
Saenz was found guilty of capital murder but sentenced to life in prison.
Tonya Clemons (31), of Arlington, Texas, was charged with attempted capital murder.
If found guilty of capital murder, O'Toole will automatically receive the minimum 40-year prison sentence.
Zamora is charged with the capital murder of Adrianne Jones.
Both Coleman and the boy's mother were charged with capital murder.
SANTA BARBARA - After four years on the lam, former West Hills resident Jesse James Hollywood, 25, appeared briefly Friday in Santa Barbara Superior Court, where he faces capital murder charges in the kidnapping and killing of 15-year-old Nick Markowitz.

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