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That the setback which finished Fulham took the form of a bog-standard Mohamed Diame shot by their ineptness, it setback for capitulate that took a lucky deflection was symptomatic of the majority of this event.
Are we strong enough as a group to tough it out when things are against us or do we think it's acceptable to just collapse and capitulate, which is what we're doing too frequently?
Unlucky barcodes and grown men's sore gripes, Macho money types and vile southern snipes, Maybe tomorrow will settle the cash, Signings and exits to make the next clash, We are playing out our family game, Players come and go, the rules stay the same: Support your own life before it's too late, Defend and conquer don't capitulate.
Refusing to capitulate to toe-the-line rhetoric or the lure of vanilla banalty, these free-verse works present the concepts of pan-Africanist militancy, romantic spirituality, and a vicious attack against all forms of neo-colonialism.
As far as Dezenhall is concerned, the worst thing a company under attack can do is capitulate.
The recently adopted Internal Revenue Service rules on hedging transactions certainly are welcome but, on examination, seem to do little more than capitulate to the decision on hedging rendered by the Tax Court in FNMA v.
One should not conclude, however, that from this simple fact situation the DEPE will capitulate in other cases, especially where larger tracts and more significant environmental considerations are at stake; moreover, the proofs necessary to establish a case for inverse condemnation forcing the governmental body restricting the owner's ability to use the land can be imposing.
Cytocare observed that these lawsuits damage shareholder value by fostering extreme economic uncertainty which often results in pressure to capitulate to unreasonable settlement demands.
Yet it often seems that his idea of a dialogue is standing before those who have differing views and bludgeoning them until they capitulate.
Short sellers are starting to capitulate, as the number of DHB shares sold short dropped by eight percent in October to 4.