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Victoria Colts capitulated 3-2 at home to Groves Athletic.
The hosts capitulated thereafter, losing their last five wickets for 23 runs in the space of 61 deliveries.
The Spurs boss was fuming at he way his side capitulated and immediately wrote off their at the way his side capitulated and immediately wrote off their Champions Legue h es after the 4-0 hammerig.
Peter Bonetti v W Germany, 1970 WC: Gordon Banks' overnight illness - even the FBI have been blamed - saw Bonetti drafted in for his seventh, and last, cap as England blew a two-goal lead in Leon Nigel Martyn v Romania, Euro 2000: David Seaman was injured in the warm-up for the final group game and replicated Bonetti's misery as Romanian opener looped over him before the late penalty crusher Scott Carson v Croatia, Euro 08 qual: Steve McClaren's side needed only a draw but Carson had a nightmare as England capitulated twice.
t "The Welsh Government has capitulated to the well-financed housebuilding lobby.
The saddest part was that we capitulated and that's not something I would associate with me or my teams.
Capitulated Warnock, however, insists all is not lost for his side.
A lesser person than Margaret Thatcher would have capitulated and led a once proud nation into terminal decline, but she stood firm.
Mullen was obviously fuming after first half goals from Michael Rickets and Jabo Ibehre were wiped out in the closing stages by strikes from Anthony Sweeney, Matty Robson and James Brown as his shellshocked players capitulated against the Pool, But he has challenged themto bounce back against the Foxes, who are second in the table.
PAKISTAN capitulated when on the brink of victory in the fifth oneday international against South Africa in Lahore yesterday, writes Steve Palmer.
And the piece de resistance, as ACLUers in Texas say: A week before Christmas, the school board of Cobb County, Georgia, which had been placing anti-evolution stickers on biology textbooks, capitulated.
He told us he supported comprehensive immigration reform, then capitulated to a weak Congress whose only answer was a 700-mile border fence.