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England is renowned for capitulating under pressure, but we never got ruthless or flexed our muscle," he said.
But fair play to the organisers who, instead of capitulating to this unreasonable demand, scribbled out his name from the certificate .
England held Germany, the world champions, to a goalless draw as they reached the last eight before capitulating in the second half of their game with the world's current top-ranked team.
New Zealand media commentator Brian Edwards charged that for CanWest not to air the episode would have meant capitulating to "religious blackmail.
If there is a strike, we urge you not to break rank" by capitulating to Union pressure, or by signing 'you too' agreements that representatives of the union may offer.
To some, such probing inquiries regarding religion's place in the public square come uncomfortably close to breaching the free exercise clause and potentially capitulating to the kind of politico-religious tendencies that John Howard Yoder has memorably deemed "Constantinian.
But instead of capitulating Vale bounced back to dominate the rest of the game.