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The death penalty--and its close cousins mandatory-sentence minimums and "three strikes you're out" legislation--cannot alter the capriciousness we find so intolerable in life, no matter how many people we execute over the coming years.
Welikson said, "When you go in front of an agency you have one hand tied behind your back because of arbitrary and capriciousness and agency leaning.
It may seem odd to the casual observer," writes Kaplar, "that the Supreme Court has taken so many different positions on the issue--almost, it would seem, to the point of capriciousness.
Scheduling problems have cropped up, due to the capriciousness of a diva-entomologist who insists that all training must be held at the PCA Alaminos nursery rather than onsite at each major plantation.
There was an often-dark sense of whimsy, a capriciousness in the face of rock music's descent into self-seriousness and stagnation.
The new report offers no solution to this kind of medical capriciousness.
Most crucially, I learned to read the weather, to understand the deadly capriciousness of mountain climates.
Part of that is due to the capriciousness of Oregon school funding, which rises and falls with the economy and income tax revenue.
Written from the point of view of the great champion's owner, and therefore gives no indication of his ignorance and capriciousness.
Pianist Charles Owen clearly empathises with the Moravian's work and brings out those qualities (haunted nightmare, capriciousness and sheer quirkiness) that are latent in the music.
The mesmerizing fragrance and naturally dapper mien of this medium-size shrub are diminished by its capriciousness in the garden.
The lack of impact is doubly perplexing, given the pertinence of Synge's themes -- the fickle nature of the crowd and the capriciousness by which celebrity worship can exalt and then damn those who fall under its grip.