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Earlier in the day, Odessa regional authorities said that the boat with 33 passengers and three crew members onboard capsized at about 3.
The boat carried 37 people when it capsized, more than twice the maximum number of 15 people allowed.
The capsized boat flipped over on Wednesday as a rescue vessel approached, probably because desperate passengers surged to one side as they saw help arrive.
Reports of the capsized vessel reached the Coastguard at around 2pm.
Fifteen people had been brought to safety and at least five confirmed dead after the Eastern Star capsized in Hubei Province during a severe storm on Monday night with 458 people aboard, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
State television showed a rescuer on the capsized hull with a blow torch, apparently preparing to cut into the ship, while dozens of rescue boats battled strong wind and heavy rain to reach the stricken vessel.
It picked up 28 passengers, but the boat then capsized, sending hundreds more into the water.
A major rescue operation is under way after the vessel carrying "between 500 and 700 migrants" capsized at midnight local time, south of the Italian island of Lampedusa.
UNHCR Spokeswoman, Carlotta Sami, said the vessel was trying to reach Europe with as many as 700 migrants on board when it capsized some 110Km off the Libyan coast.
Holyhead coastguards, an inshore lifeboat and an RAF rescue helicopter helped three kayakers after they capsized o Church Bay at 1.
TEHRAN (FNA)- One woman drowned and seven other people went missing after an overcrowded boat capsized in a river in the eastern Indian state Bihar Saturday.
The rescue vessel s self-righting capability was created by the vessel s low point of gravity and the air bubble in the wheelhouse, which enable the capsized ship to right itself quickly like a self-righting bath toy.