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The effects of Nd: YAG laser capsulotomy on anterior segment parameters in patients with posterior capsular opacification.
Although the biocompatibility of IOL lenses should be evaluated as a whole, the biological impact of an implanted IOL is at the uveal and capsular levels.
Increase in endemic Neisseria meningitidis capsular group W sequence type 11 complex associated with severe invasive disease in England and Wales.
As the name implies, the lens is an add-on IOL, therefore explantation of the primary/original monofocal IOL (implanted during cataract surgery) from the capsular bag is not required.
D J Apple et al (1985) [10] compared indications, advantages and disadvantages of ciliary sulcus and capsular fixation of PC IOL.
The conjugation of bacterial polysaccharides to carrier proteins converts capsular polysaccharides (CPS) into thymus-dependent antigens (TD antigens) with an improved vaccine potential.
8) More extensive soft tissue injuries, including capsular attenuation, also have a high association with recurrent instability following Bankart repair.
Anterior and posterior capsular opening achieved with Vitrectorhexis.
There are also surface-anchored protein antigens, in addition to capsular polysaccharides, that act as antigenic markers in GBS.