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Every once in a while, an intrepid mailer will throw caution to the wind and attempt to capsulate, in a set of rules, his experience in product, list, price, offer, seasonality and creative resting.
Pope believes silica gels can encapsulate capsulate many types of microorganisms, including genetically altered Escherichia coli and Streptomyces bacteria.
These implants - of which 30-40% later capsulate - finally have come under Food and Drug Administration scrutiny for safety reasons.
This association may be consistent with a GBS-specific immune defect, which would concur with what we understand about HIV immunopathology and related capsulate bacteria (12).
The haltere stem is extremely short and laterally-expanded at the base and is devoid of setation; the knob is elongated and somewhat capsulate in profile, and is clothed in moderately long, fine and curved apically-directed setae and some widely-spaced extremely long and thick setae.
Tarsal organ capsulate with oval opening, located dorsally at distal end of tarsi (Fig.