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Mayor Lieberman capsulized the sentiments of the Board when she said: "Whether we have the wherewithal to carry through with the direction we have started here will test our resolve, because it will take strong leadership to stand firm and be out front to advocate our position.
Actually, one of the most important things my dad taught me was capsulized in that story.
In Coke's time, however, King James' assertion of the supremacy of the Crown over the law, capsulized by his aid Ellesmere as rex est lex loquens (the King is the law speaking) won out, and Coke was forced to retire from the bench.
Capsulized discussions at the beginning of chapters are very good; topics include trusts, investment risk (systematic and unsystematic), types of mutual funds, probate and nonprobate assets, pension rules, taxation of social security, and reduction of estate transfer costs.
Further, the information on these theories is presented in a rather capsulized form, often lacking sufficient depth to distinguish one theory from another.
Without further ado, here's a capsulized roundup of what caught SI's eye at the Show.
Glen Hiner, GE Plastics' senior vice president, capsulized the ambitious project as being intended as a "catalyst for industrialization and product development.
In one stroke, the neatly labeled printout solved two of our main hurdles: It clearly showed the volume and test mix of each physician using reference lab services, and capsulized the extent and costs of such testing in an easily readable form.
In its privately owned 250,000 square foot facility, Protica manufactures capsulized foods, such as Profect[R], IsoMetric[R], Fruitasia[R], and Proasis[R], in ready-to-drink form.
Much of what we know about parent abuse is capsulized by Amanda Holt in her book "Adolescent-to-Parent Abuse.
He capsulized his eight years as governor this way: "It's been a good ride.