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she said that while Shoaib Malik had always faced challenges of (cricket) captainship, Sania Mirza was also facing intense socio-political pressure; but despite that she was fully abiding by Shoaib's side.
Al Ain, who started the match while holding anchor in Group C, took control of the match under the captainship of Chile player Jorge Valdivia.
99 15 Bill Nighy, Tom Sturridge, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rhys Ifans RADIO Rock is a pirate radio station under the captainship of Quentin (Nighy).
RADIO ROCK is a pirate radio station under the captainship of Quentin (Nighy), which broadcasts from the relative safety of the North Sea in 1966.
But for his stellar captainship and another Pathan's stellar all-round display (Afridi) we wouldn't have achieved this phenomenal victory," said Pakistani businessman Amjad Qureishi.
The Djs on Radio Rock, under the captainship of Quentin (Nighy), are a motley crew of misfits who include star deck hand Gavin (Ifans), American rival The Count (Hoffman), sarcastic and cruel Dave (Frost), love sick Simon (O'Dowd), sex god Midnight Mark (Wisdom), goofy Angus "The Nut" Nutsford (Darby), newsreader On-The-Hour John (Adamsdale) and the aptly named Thick Kevin (Brooke).
Immediate test: The fourth-place Flyers (6-10) will have a chance to regroup under their new captainship starting tonight, when they play host to the last-place Nevada Rattlers (1-10) at 7:45 in the first of a three- game series.
According to Sport24, Carberry, who had played under Warne's captainship in county side Hampshire, praised the former leg-spinner, saying that he got a huge confidence boost with his unbeaten 153 at Bellerive Oval after Warne backed him
Added Schroeder, who began playing volleyball earlier than most, at 12, encouraged by her parents: "What you bring from school, you put into your captainship.
According to details, Pakistan would leave for Zimbabwe under the captainship of Misbah Ulhaq from Lahore via Abu Dhabi.
This year is a particularly special year in the society's calendar, as they celebrate their centenary under the captainship of Mr Derek E Walkden.
Lord initiated a rotating captainship this season, with a new captain installed before each match.