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2, 5, 21-26) who coined the term testamentum captare and equated it with images of fishing and hunting (captatio and victims of shipwreck are topoi common to both writers)".
In this context, the sexual innuendo is intensified with the use of the verb captare (to captivate, to entice), which also suggests the action of grasping the object.
6) For instance, Hebrew verbal inflection includes specific intensive and iterative forms, the so called pi'el conjugation, while iterative suffixes in Latin such as -tare in verbs like captare (from capere 'take') are clearly derivational--the iterative form may or may not exist in Latin, while in principle it is expected for every verb in Biblical Hebrew.
Quanto a Bruno Corra, le sue prove letterarie si erano mostrate spesso dirette a captare l'ineffabile: quelle "stranissime architetture di avvenimenti che sanno di follia e di mistero", che "si scoprono a un tratto nella banale realta quotidiana e sembrano invadenze buffe e meravigliose di altri mondi nel nostro" ("I zig-zag della realta", 1916.
27) The Romans called this kind of conduct captatio, (28) from the Latin word captare, meaning "to chase after," as in one who chases after a legacy.