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The new CaptIO enhancements provide advanced protection for enterprise and service provider networks against DoS and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks and against reconnaissance intrusions known as "port scans" which hackers use to gather critical information about a network targeted for attack.
With Captus' new Traffic Limiting Intrusion Detection System (TLIDS(TM)), CaptIO devices now have a "fine grain" capability for distinguishing between legitimate high-volume network traffic and malicious DoS attacks that attempt to overwhelm network servers and other points of exposure with a flood of bogus network packets.
Captus provides a comprehensive customer support program for its family of CaptIO network security devices.
The CaptCC device is tightly integrated with the CaptIO network security devices allowing network administrators to quickly integrate DoS and DDoS mitigation measures into their networks.
Unique in the network security device marketplace, the CaptIO devices tightly integrate an intelligent adaptive firewall with a dynamic intrusion detection system (IDS) to surgically block Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that attempt to overwhelm Web servers with a flood of requests for information.