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A relation with the Transcendent free from all captivation by the Transcendent is a social relation .
The elites' impression of the public's captivation with Reagan began with the perceived mandate that he received with the 1980 election.
I soon realised that their captivation has as much to do with expectation as it does from fear; the godman is about to perform a "miracle".
Not roots and heritage, but technical challenge, fun, and the market drove his initial interest in the music, much as it did his captivation with jazz.
Nurturing his captivation with the past, the artist looks for stories behind the facades of historical figures, approaching them as if to ask, "Where are the secret compartments?
In inducing a captivation with the Nazi aesthetic of violence and sexuality, these scenes contribute to silencing the voice of the victims.
Film's fascination with the topic of rape and sexuality reflected American society's captivation with both subjects.
The captivation of Anne Carroll Moore by Marie Shedlock is, of course, well known, and Shedlock would spend years lecturing and storytelling in many parts of the United States.
The endearing captivation of the game of baseball in American culture stems, in part, from its timelessness and enduring hope that each spring training we may all start anew.
MILWAUKEE -- Summerfest officials are excited to announce the return of Kohl's Captivation Station, offering educational art and music experiences for children and families at Summerfest 2012.
Boredom and captivation "resonate" They entail a similar "abandonment in emptiness" and a fascination with that which obstinately "refuses itself.
An intimate production rich in captivation, Creditors is not to be missed.