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Caption: Elephants develop foot problems in captivity when they tiptoe across hard surfaces, new research suggests.
He spent 150 days in solitary confinement and began his captivity enduring 14 days of interrogation in a prison cell that was freezing cold with only a thin blanket.
He further said that Ali Haider had made notes during captivity to write a book but they were set on fire.
Hussain told the local administration that he and two other kidnapped tribesmen, Syed Jalal Hussain and Nasir Ali, had been detained at the same place while another tribesman, Sabir Hussain, had been kept in captivity somewhere else.
Ottosen was on an assignment covering the conflict in Syria when he was taken in captivity by the Islamic State in May 2013.
Animals that would not normally get along in the wild can be friends in captivity because the things that they would normally fight over, such as food and shelter, are provided for them.
Accordingly, these are the cities in which Captivity is set, in the period roughly spanning the death of Jesus, in 33 CE, and the destruction of the Temple, in the year 70.
Clocking in at over eight hundred pages, Captivity is a sprawling, epic bildungsroman that immerses the reader in a richly detailed world of the past.
GAZA, July 12 (KUNA) -- Israeli authorities released Sunday Palestinian prisoner Khodor Adnan after he had been in captivity for 12 months.
Ric O'Barry feels the tide turning in his long quest to change the public's mind about dolphins in captivity.
Police detained 9 people into release of the two Kyrgyz citizens from captivity in Tajikistan held by drug traffickers.
Members of the CGPCS, of which is an important partner, have pledged around Dh1 million initially to support the families of the victims who are still in captivity of the pirates as well as the survivors of the pirate attacks.