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And some passing observations, at least, in his book seem to indicate that if he knew and had shared all the splendor and inspiration of the last years of medieval chivalry, he had experienced also the disappointment and bitterness of defeat and prolonged captivity.
I know that the account of this kind of solitary imprisonment is insufferably tedious, unless there is some cheerful or humorous incident to enliven it--a tender gaoler, for instance, or a waggish commandant of the fortress, or a mouse to come out and play about Latude's beard and whiskers, or a subterranean passage under the castle, dug by Trenck with his nails and a toothpick: the historian has no such enlivening incident to relate in the narrative of Amelia's captivity.
This early relative absence of interest in prisoner-of-war history implies that captivity represented a situation of stasis--men were imprisoned and nothing changed except that some lived and some died.
This new edition of "The Alligator Snapping Turtle" is enhanced with a major new section detailing the zoological progress made on the science and conservation of this species over the last seventeen years and is therefore a fully up-to-date, profusely illustrated treatise that includes the Snapping Turtle's geographic distribution, diet, reproduction cycle, natural history, exploitation and captivity, population status and trends, and so much more.
This testimony provides preliminary results on GAO's ongoing work and addresses (1) the changes that have occurred in the freight railroad industry since the enactment of the Staggers Rail Act, including changes in rail rates and competition in the industry, (2) the alternative approaches that have been proposed and could be considered to address remaining competition and captivity concerns, and (3) the projections for freight traffic demand over the next 15 to 25 years, the freight railroad industry's projected ability to meet that demand, and potential federal policy responses.
In the first reading, the poet of this servant song, Second Isaiah, wrote to a community in Babylonian captivity.
The first of the three is the story of Bikkia's journey through captivity and the learning of the English language in determination of reuniting with her mate in The Moluccan Manuscript.
The Oatman Massacre: A Tale Of Desert Captivity And Survival by Brian McGinty is the historical study of the killing and capturing of the Oatman family at the hands of Native Americans.
FREED hostage Norman Kember finally returned home yesterday for an emotional reunion with his family after four months in captivity in Iraq.
Even their final captivity turned out to be historic: their camp was the target of General Patton's audacious (and completely illicit) raid to liberate his son-in-law from captivity.
The Vietnamese are surprised to have an American prisoner and appear unprepared to deal with his captivity.