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1] was observed in the spectrum of the Max-g-Cs/AgSD sample (Table 2) that was due to the grafted carboxyl groups (C=O) onto the silicone surface in comparison with unmodified silicone (Fig.
CMC as shown in Figure 1 contains a hydrophobic polysaccharide backbone and many hydrophilic carboxyl groups, and consequently shows amphiphilic characteristics.
On the other hand, the specific binding of the carboxyl group of iodoacetate to Tyr38 and His40 was indicated to serve as orienting the reagent in the carboxymethylation reaction of the enzyme.
3 demonstrate that the distribution of the carboxyl groups present in the final latex is greatly dependent on the water solubility of the carboxylic monomer (IA), the hydrophilic nature of IA under acidic conditions, and the amount of IA in the monomer feed.
3] neutralises carboxyl groups only (the strongest acid fraction), 0.
The carbonyl group and carboxyl group contents of the oxidized starch were determined as described by Kuakpeton and Wang, (2001).
We used 20nm nanoparticles (a magnetic core covered with dextran) with carboxyl group for conjugation to Herceptin as a cancer targeting antibody.
We think citrate and other organic acids with a carboxyl group make C60 more water soluble.
1] of coated phosphors (Figure 1b) is broader than that of uncoated phosphors (Figure la) because of the presence of carboxyl group of coated phosphors.
Separate chapters list protection for the hydroxyl group, phenols and catechols, the carbonyl group, the carboxyl group, the thiol group, the amino group, and the phosphate group.
Using tape, place the central carbon card on the upper chest, the hydrogen group on the forehead, the amino group on the right forearm, and the carboxyl group on the left forearm.
13]C-labeled bicarbonate was added, the carboxyl group was labeled [sup.