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The introduced carboxyl groups enable the C-g-AA hydrogels with good swelling property (swelling ratio 7327%) and excellent MB adsorption capacity (equilibrium adsorption amount 2197 mg [g.
However, in other cases, some amount of unreacted hydroxyl and carboxyl groups is present in the polymer, and this hypothesis is supported by FTIR studies.
By comparison with the solution P concentrations, sorption of the phenolic acids was highly dependent upon the number (and position) of hydroxyl groups attached to the benzene ring, rather than the distance of the carboxyl group from the benzene ring.
3 demonstrate that the distribution of the carboxyl groups present in the final latex is greatly dependent on the water solubility of the carboxylic monomer (IA), the hydrophilic nature of IA under acidic conditions, and the amount of IA in the monomer feed.
3] neutralises carboxyl groups only (the strongest acid fraction), 0.
FTIR and XPS and SEM results showed that metal ions of SAO-ED phosphors are coordinated with carboxyl group O atom of hydrolysis product of maleic anhydride and with hydroxyl group O atom, and dense polymer maleic anhydride coated on the surface of SAO-ED phosphors by the bridging O atom.
1], which corresponds to carboxyl groups, confirms the derivatisation of the amino groups (Figure 1).
Secondary structure occurs when, let's say, Mary's carboxyl group H-bonds to Joe's amino group.
13]C-labeled bicarbonate was added, the carboxyl group was labeled [sup.
The formation of the amino acid chains in making proteins occurs by peptide bonding where a carboxyl group of one amino acid links up with an amino group of another amino acid.
2 ppm) of the amino acid part of the molecule with the carboxyl group of the amino acid C-17 (170.