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All the relief I could possibly afford them could not prevent the death of such numbers that their bodies filled the highways; and to increase our affliction, the wolves having devoured the carcases, and finding no other food, fell upon the living; their natural fierceness being so increased by hunger, that they dragged the children out of the very houses.
As soon as we had examined the beasts sufficiently we called the Kafirs, and between us managed to drag their carcases up to the scherm.
The frizzle-headed man-eaters were loath to leave their fleshpots so long as the harvest of human carcases was plentiful.
You an' me, Henry, when we die, we'll be lucky if we get enough stones over our carcases to keep the dogs off of us.
The grim and greedy one was soon prepared, savage and fierce, and in sleep he seized upon thirty of the thanes, and thence he again departed exulting in his prey, to go home with the carcases of the slain, to reach his own dwelling.
There were fifty hearths, and at each hearth were fifty spits, and on each spit were fifty carcases, and there were thrice three hundred Achaeans to each joint.
who were in the joke) summoned him to a trial before twelve other wags for perjury and fraud, who in their turn found him guilty with a most facetious joy,--nay, the very populace entered into the whim, and when Mr Brass was moving in a hackney-coach towards the building where these wags assembled, saluted him with rotten eggs and carcases of kittens, and feigned to wish to tear him into shreds, which greatly increased the comicality of the thing, and made him relish it the more, no doubt.
The rotting remains of six cows and calves were found in two barns at South Dissington Farm near Ponteland and a seventh carcase was lying in an open field close to where other cattle were grazing.
There are opportunities for beef farmers to increase their returns by improving the carcase quality of the stock to meet market demands, according to the annual carcase classification summary from the English Beef and Lamb Executive (Eblex).
The English Beef and Lamb Executive (Eblex) study involved detailed analysis of nearly 100,000 passport and carcase records from animals slaughtered by leading beef processor ABP in its three English plants in the 10 months to September 2004.
English prime beef carcase weights have increased by an average of more than 2 kg/year over the past 12 years.
Overall, MLC carcase classification reports for more than 160,000 prime cattle slaughtered in English abattoirs in 2004 showed 43pc of animals met the preferred "R4L or better" specification.