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It shows the proportion of heifer and young bull carcases above the 380kg weight was also higher this year, and that heavier carcases are particularly concentrated among those with the highest lean meat yield - conformation grades E and U.
Variation in the quality of meat carcase and productive parameters of six Spanish yearling breeds.
The figures also show young bull carcases improved the most, there was an increase in fat cover in heifers, and steer carcases were the heaviest ever.
The urgent need for increased carcase weight and a fairer method of grading was highlighted by Mark Haighton, the company's pig development manager.
Fresh or hilled Pig Meat (Excluding Carcases and Half-carcases, Hams, Shoulders and Cuts Thereof): European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
A SCHEME to improve carcase quality in the Hereford breed is being unveiled in detail to beef farmers in Northumberland later this month.
Carcase quality is one casualty of foot and mouth, livestock movement restrictions causing logjams in the production channels farmers have developed to ensure animals graze, eat supplementary feed and are sent for killing on schedules optimising weight, leanness and even conformation.
THE quality of British beef is at a record high, according to industry analysis of carcases.
That in turn means you can use cheaper product chillers instead of large room chillers for whole carcases.
One NorthEast is meeting the immediate cost of disposing of sheep carcases, a responsibility which would usually fall on farmers.
According to the new EBLEX figures, 48% of prime beef carcases met the preferred 'R4L or better' specification during 2007.
The NFU is campaigning to remove the health and safety procedure of splitting sheep carcases and removing the spinal cord, saying the risk of any disease spreading from animals to humans is virtually non existent anyway.