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Rostov staked five rubles on a card and lost, staked again, and again lost.
Presents are made to the Boffin servants, and bland strangers with business- cards meeting said servants in the street, offer hypothetical corruption.
Permit me to offer you my card, and should the time come when I may serve you, remember that I am yours to command.
Kearns, with every eye upon him, looked at his two-card draw, counted the other three to dispel any doubt of holding more than five cards, and wrote on a betting slip.
Slightly observant of the smoky lights; of the people, pipe in mouth, playing with limp cards and yellow dominoes; of the one bare- breasted, bare-armed, soot-begrimed workman reading a journal aloud, and of the others listening to him; of the weapons worn, or laid aside to be resumed; of the two or three customers fallen forward asleep, who in the popular high-shouldered shaggy black spencer looked, in that attitude, like slumbering bears or dogs; the two outlandish customers approached the counter, and showed what they wanted.
Associating the clerk's idea with the line inscribed on the card in my hand, I thought it possible that the Moonstone might be at the bottom of Mr.
Nell, they're--they're playing cards,' whispered the old man, suddenly interested.
The card, the fatal card, was gone from the pages of Ruskin, and he guessed what had happened.
Sarah sat down to her typewriter and slipped a card between the rollers.
Cos if it is, jist you step in to him with that 'ere card, and say Mr.
If she contrived to slip into the house in his absence, he could provide against that contingency by sending a second card privately to the police station, forbidding the officer to stir in the affair until he had received further orders.
Now since the card question, everything I said or did had the power of annoying Cluny.